Battle In The Communication World – Fax Machine vs. Online Fax


The presence or use of a traditional fax machine is an inevitable one in an official set up. These machines eased the efforts of people in travelling physically from one place to the other just for the transfer of a document or file. Using a fax machine, such documents were easily transferred from one place to the other using a telephone line. But for efficiently using their services, it was necessary for both the sender and receiver to switch on their devices. It was only then did the intended messages or papers reached the receiving end.


It was one of the most convenient and very useful innovation of man which of course was little time consuming when the documents or file ran to pages but it was worth the wait for the purpose got solved without physical movements. And if there were interruptions in the power supplies, this service was hindered for it completely relied on the electric power. These were some of the disadvantages which were overlooked by the users for the other benefits and comforts offered by the fax machines.


Smartphone was yet another great invention of human kind. With just this small, simple, sleek device in hand, you can view and do anything in the world from any corner. They give you an access to the World Wide Web which is the hub for everything in the world. With just the latest smartphones in hand, you can travel anywhere around the world without assistance.


This great innovation also can be used for some personal and official emergencies when your dependence on specific physical equipments is out of question. Yes, if you are required to send out an urgent e-mail at the middle of the nigh from your bed, you can do it successfully without a delay provided you have the required attachments and necessities with you. Even otherwise, you can very well establish a connection with your office systems through a remote access control which would open up your official information in your smartphones.


Similarly, faxing of documents are also possible through mobile phones provided you have the specific app for it or have a tie-up with a service provider for this purpose. There are many service providers who offer to help the customers with their online portals mainly for transferring files and important documents from one place to the other online. They do this for an amount of subscription being paid online. In what ways have they replaced the fax machines?


Ease of working – for people in higher and important positions, work is something that can crop up at any time and it is impossible for them to carry all the equipments like a computer or a laptop, fax machines etc for all their requirements. In such cases, it is these apps or the hands of the service providers who extend assistance at times of emergency. So work gets done easily without any extra efforts, extra spending or extra time.


Wide spread accessibility – the online fax service providers do not stop their services for any location or area restrictions. In fact their services are not bound by boundaries and this can be availed across borders. So whenever and from wherever you are, you will get access and you can send or receive faxes and messages without a barricade.


Time and cost reduction – a traditional fax machine is of course the traditional equipment for sending and receiving fax messages. But it is impossible to have a fax machine for each table in the office since they are connected to the telephone lines and it is impossible to have more than two or three official connections. In such situations, work and important messages will have to wait for the other currently being sent information which might sometimes cause a delay.


Again a proper fax machine demands spending for its maintenance, ink, paper and technical issues. But all these can be easily averted when mobile faxing is adopted. The only expenditure here would be the monthly amount being paid to the service provider and nothing else. Your messages can fly and reach the intended person freely without a tussle. Using this would help you reduce time, costs etc when compared to the working and usage of the traditional fax machines.

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